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Fred Korematsu, Hero By Kay Wehner

Tuesday December 27, 2005

In honor of Fred Korematsu of Oakland, who refused Japanese internment camp in 1942, and was tried, convicted and imprisoned for his “crime.” Federal court in 1983 ruled the internment unjust. He died this year, and I would like to submit my poem in his honor.  



not ordinary, 


Fred Korematsu refused to be interned, 

standing firm against racist storms and fear, 

he was innocent, his goal was free- dom. 

Government reply was shame and prison. 


not ordinary, 


While Japanese brethern were locked in barbed wire, 

Fred, risking all, stood lone and fore saken. 

Superb hero of splendid dimension, 

he won for thousands, final achievement, 

exchanging judgment for cleaner jus tice 

when Bill Clinton summoned and honored him 

with the Presidential Medal of Free- dom.