Kashmir By Roopa Ramamoorthi

Friday December 30, 2005

Beautiful land of lakes and  


Srinagar with your georgeous  

gardens and aesthetic fountains 

As a child I used to lie next to my mother  

And hear tales of her adventure 

Luscious apples eaten 

And how she was smitten 

By the sight of shikaras 

Dotting crystal clear Dal lake 


Time moved on and a trip I did take 

To the same land of mummies  

legendary tale 

But I was disappointed 

Dal lake was more polluted 

And Kashmir had changed from a lovely young bride 

To a weary old woman who had lost her innocent pride 


She had endured becoming a tourist destination 

And too much Hindu Muslim tension 

Where once she was filled with lakes with pristine water 

Her hands were now bloodied by  


By marching armies over territorial rights 


Her smile has turned to a frown 

And she tells you see you later 


Note: Shikaras are the boats that ply along Dal Lake, in Srinagar city.