Council Faces Light Agenda By RICHARD BRENNEMAN

Tuesday January 17, 2006

The Berkeley City Council will face a relatively light agenda when they hold their first meeting of 2006 Tuesday. 

Among the items to be discussed are: 

• An amendment to the sidewalk vending ordinance to bar future sidewalk flower vendors from setting up within 300 feet of existing flower shops. 

• An amendment by Councilmember Dona Spring to the new standards of care passed at the council’s last meeting governing the care of dogs kept outdoors. Spring’s amendment would exempt canines kept by the homeless, which would continue to be covered by existing codes governing cruelty to animals. 

• Amendments to the city’s Coast Live Oak Moratorium Ordinance barring excessive and injurious pruning of the trees—“excessive” being defined as removal of more than 25 percent of the leaf, stem or root system within a two-year period. 

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. in council chambers at the Maudelle Shirek Building—Old City Hall—2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way.