Friday January 20, 2006

Car slasher 

Berkeley police arrested a 34-year-old man on Jan 11 after he allegedly threatened a motorist with a knife which he then used to damage the vehicle, said Officer Ed Galvan, the new official Berkeley police spokesperson. 


Silent victim 

An emergency room nurse at Summit Alta Bates Hospital called police at 5 p.m. on Jan. 12 after a patient was admitted suffering injuries from an obvious assault. 

The victim, who said he had been assaulted with a baseball bat, refused to provide officers with any information about the attack or his attacker. 



Police were summoned to the 2500 block of Durant Avenue at 10:24 p.m. Sunday, where they arrived to find a 28-year-old man with a welt on his neck. 

The man, who declined medical aid, said he’d been attacked with a paintball gun by an unknown assailant. 

Officer Galvan said police are classifying the incident as assault with a deadly weapon. 


Bottle slasher 

Police arrested a 35-year-old man after he allegedly slashed an acquaintance’s face with a broken bottle outside the Caffe Meditteraneum shortly before 11 a.m. Tuesday. 

The incident reportedly began when the victim broke a beer bottle, which the attacker then picked up and used to slash the victim’s face. 

The injured man was rushed by ambulance to the Summit Alta Bates emergency room. 


Drugs dealt, then crash 

A Berkeley police officer on patrol spotted a drug deal going down about 4 p.m. Thursday, and when he ran the license plate of the car involved, it came back as stolen. 

The car sped off, only to crash six blocks later at the corner of Derby Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way. 

Officer Galvan said the passenger had already fled on foot when officers arrived, leaving the driver—a juvenile—behind to face the music.ò