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Commentary: Sam A. Man By Frank Olivier

Tuesday January 24, 2006


That Sam A. Man, that Sam A. Man, I do not trust that Sam A. Man. 

I would not trust him in a judge’s box, and sure not with that Cheney Fox. 


Would not trust him with our last tree, he’s friends with Karl Rove you see. 

Big Business is where he’s at; he’s friends with “The Cat in the Fat.” 


Alito says he’s not rememberin’ the club of bigots that he’s in. 

We need someone to be a man, not a selective memory span. 


I would not trust him with a vote, not him, not in a judge’s coat. 

Not in Louisiana rain, it’s true he comes from Bush’s brain. 


Bush’s brain, whoever that might be, Rove, or Cheney, or Libby. 

We all know the time is now, and we can stop him, this is how. 


If we want to stop Alito, we have strength that we can muster,  

And Sam A. Man will be finito, now’s our chance to filibuster. 


It’s not so hard to do you see, now take this little tip from me: 

Just talk until the day is through, and then Sam A. goes away from you.