Column: An Apology to Dana Reeve, By: Susan Parker

Tuesday March 14, 2006

My friend Taffy called me Tuesday night to tell me Dana Reeve had died. “Get a pedicure,” she said. “You need to do something for yourself. Don’t let life pass you by.” -more-

Column: The Public Eye: The Striking Similarities Between Bin Laden and Bush By Bob Burnett

Friday March 10, 2006

Today is Osama bin Laden’s birthday, his 49th. A good time to consider the strange similarities between the world’s most notorious fugitive and the president of the United States. -more-

Column: Undercurrents: Brown’s Downtown Entertainment District Failure By J. DOUGLAS ALLEN-TAYLOR

Friday March 10, 2006

Opportunities either mishandled or long left neglected during the Jerry Brown administration are now rapidly catching up with the mayor, threatening to give him a rocky send-off on his way out of Oakland’s door. (If you don’t get the pun, ask somebody.) -more-

Mount Everest Cooks Up Authentic Napalese Fare By B.J. CALURUS Special to the Planet

Friday March 10, 2006

Although the closest I’ve been to Nepal is the Himalayan Fair in Live Oak Park, I’ve come to like Nepalese food—at least as represented by Kathmandu on Solano Avenue and Little Nepal on Cortland Street in San Francisco. -more-