Friday March 24, 2006

Cycling bandit 

A pistol-packing bicyclist confronted a 41-year-old pedestrian who was walking along the 3100 block of Woolsey Street about 1:15 a.m. Sunday, pointed his pistol and started demanding things. 

After scooping up his victim’s cash and cell phone, the bandit pedaled away on his green 10-speed. 


Hot prowlers 

Two occupants of a black Mercedes followed a 52-year-old resident of the 2600 Shasta Road into her home Wednesday afternoon, and while one distracted her with conversation, the other darted upstairs, rifled through her belongings and collected some cash, reports Berkeley police spokesperson Officer Steve Rego. 

The loss was estimated at $300. 


UC car clouts 

UC Berkeley police have issued a car clout alert. 

Car clouters—burglars who rob cars—have been busily at work on campus over the past month, reports campus Police Chief Victoria Harrison. 

Between Feb. 21 and March 21, police recorded 13 car clouts on university property, most of them in the southern and eastern parts of the campus. 

Harrison urged drivers to take their valuables with them and to carry extra copies of their insurance forms and registration to show officers investigating the crimes.”