Police Blotter

By Richard Brenneman
Friday April 07, 2006


A 45-year-old Oakland man was beaten early Monday morning in the 1500 block of University Ave., and police are listing the incident as an assault with a deadly weapon—although just what the weapon was remains a mystery. 

The incident was reported by the manager of the Capri Motel at 1:38 a.m. 

The injured man was taken to the emergency room at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, reports Berkeley Police spokesperson Officer Ed Galvan. 


Stick, then knife 

A former boyfriend broke into the home of a woman in the 1200 block of Haskell Avenue Tuesday morning, armed with a stick and making lethal threats. 

He later replaced the wooden weapon with a knife, and continued the threats as he held the woman captive in her bathroom. 

After she was finally freed, the woman called police, who captured the 28-year-old suspect and booked him on suspicion of kidnapping, burglary and making deadly threats. 


Rolex robbery 

A gang of three men, one a gunman clad in a black hoodie and packing a black pistol, and two equipped with hammers, burst into Gold Palace Jewelers at 1085 University Ave. at 1:45 Tuesday afternoon. 

While the gunman held store personnel captive, his accomplices started smashing jewelry cases. Once they had scooped up between 20 and 25 high-ticket timepieces, the trio fled. 


Gang attack 

A gang attack across the street from the city Mental Health Department, 2640 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, resulted in minor injuries to one of two young men attacked by others late Tuesday afternoon, said Officer Galvan. 

The suspects, also young men, stopped their cars—a black Honda Civic and an older model Cadillac—then attacked the hapless duo. 

One of the assailants was carrying a baseball bat and struck one of the youths in the chest. The attackers were gone by the time police arrived, and the battered youth refused medical attention. 

Police are seeking the attackers on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon carried out as a street gang crime. 


Roxie robbed again 

The often-robbed Roxie Food Center at 2250 Dwight Way was hit again Wednesday by a ski-masked gunman who walked into the store with a gun and walked out with the gun and the content of the store’s till. 

The robbery, which was reported at 9 :57 p.m. Wednesday, marks at least the fourth time a heist has been reported at the market this year.h