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Introducing the Daily Planet News Flash

Tuesday May 16, 2006

The Berkeley Daily Planet is going daily again! Yes, you read that right. After three years, readers will now be able to get news flashes every day, as they happen—on the Internet at The Tuesday and Friday print issues will remain the same—“All The News That Fits, We’ll Print” as one wag around here puts it. But we’ll be able to fit even more intriguing information into the Internet edition.  

We will also be able to include all of the opinions, both letters and commentary, our readers send, which have lately been overflowing our print capacity. And we’ll be soliciting readers’ reports of breaking news, even small neighborhood happenings like power outages. Last week’s First Person account and picture of the “flying cottage” fire sent in by reader Anthony Cody was our first reader news contribution, on the Web the day it happened and in the next print issue a couple of days later. So check often to see what’s been happening in the East Bay.