Column: The View From Here: Forget Derby Street — Do Something About MLK

By P.M. Price
Friday September 08, 2006

And what is my view from here? As I look out on my street, Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, I hear more than see it. The rumble of trucks, the screeching of bad brakes as another pedestrian barely escapes the peril of crossing MLK at Stuart Street. I smell it, too. The toxic exhaust from far too many cars streaming through this residential neighborhood, cutting it in half, covering what used to be delicious, edible frontyard blackberries and plums with scary brown dust. -more-

Column: Undercurrents: Using Music to Unite a Community

By J. Douglas Allen-Taylor
Friday September 08, 2006

In the autumn of my 19th year, I was living with a group of friends in a row house in the northwest section of D.C. These were poverty times—on days I could put together a solid dollar bill in my pocket, I felt fabulous. I went out looking for a job each day, with no luck. Finally, embarrassed that I was the only one in the house not bringing anything home for meals, I went into a supermarket and tried to shoplift a steak. Bad idea, like our governor used to say in his movies. I made it as far as the doorway past the checkout stands—after that, it was a fairly short drive down to the D.C. Detention Center and then a visit with the night court judge for arraignment. -more-

Strolling Down Solano Avenue

By Marta Yamamoto, Special to the Planet
Friday September 08, 2006

Ever dream about living in a neighborhood where spreading trees shade well-tended bungalows? Strong neighborhood school, small attractive parks and retail choices just down the street. Enough variety to satisfy every whim so a day can be enjoyed without requiring a car. Wake up on Saturday morning, feed the pets, throw on some clothes and stroll down the street for coffee and pastries or a full breakfast. -more-

East Bay Then and Now: Shipping Magnate’s Mansion Is Rare Survivor on Oxford Street

By Daniella Thompson
Friday September 08, 2006

One of the most imposing Victorian-era homes in Berkeley, the Boudrow House at Sea Captain Corner was constructed in 1889, when Berkeley, whose population then numbered about 12,000, was a favorite retirement spot for mariners. -more-

Why I Hate Norm Abrams

By Matt Cantor
Friday September 08, 2006

I don’t actually hate Norm, I sort of like the guy. It’s nice to see someone on TV that would never have made it on his headshot and a screen-test. Those other folks on Hometime, now them I hate. They’re all cute and American looking and blond. Kachunk, Blam, Kachunk, Blam. Ah, that’s better. There’s nothing like large caliber gunfire to sooth the chakras. -more-

An Interesting Nursery Close to Lake Merritt

By Ron Sullivan
Friday September 08, 2006

If you find yourself over by Lake Merritt, there’s a nursery tucked into Jean Street on Grand Avenue that’s worth a visit. -more-

Quake Tip of the Week

By Larry Guillot
Friday September 08, 2006

Gas Shut-off Valve – Is It Worth It? -more-

Column: The Public Eye: Who Are the Terrorists?

Bob Burnett
Tuesday September 05, 2006

In his recent statements, President Bush made two things clear: He’s not about to withdraw troops from Iraq. And he’s locked into a definition of “terrorist” that’s so general that it’s meaningless and, therefore, dangerous. It’s time to reconsider: Who are the terrorists: Why are we fighting them? How can we defeat them? -more-

Column: Famous People I Have Almost Met and Loved

Susan Parker
Tuesday September 05, 2006

1966: Jackie-O -more-

Nearly Native, Cosmopolitan and Threatened

Ron Sullivan, Special to the Planet
Tuesday September 05, 2006

All over the hills and in many yards, we see the plentiful and familiar Monterey pine. It’s one of the key tree species of our parks and urban hill forest, part of our natural surroundings. -more-