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More Letters to the Editor: Mideast

Friday September 15, 2006

The following are letters to the editor commenting on the Middle East and the Arianpour commentary that we haven’t yet had space to publish. Some of them may yet appear in our print edition. 


By now many people have written to object to Kurosh Arianapour’s Aug. 8 commentary, “Zionist Crimes in Lebanon.” It’s a poorly reasoned piece of hate speech that spreads no light on the subject of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and stops less than a inch short of condoning all the various slaughters of Jews since 539BC. The fact that the Daily Planet elevated the letter to a commentary leaves some question as to whether the paper considers this a legitimate opinion.  

Becky O’Malley’s editorial defending the piece as a Free Speech issue is a red herring. It’s really a just a case of sloppy editing. There are lots of ways to stimulate dialog that would have been more likely to illuminate the issues surrounding this ugly war. At the very least, an introduction explaining the papers purpose in publishing the piece would have been in order. Or a Jewish leaders could have had a chance to rebut the piece in the same issue. 

It appears to me that the O’Malley is confusing Free Speech with sloppy editing. I don’t think many readers will view this episode as enhancing the paper’s credibility and I don’t think it will extend the reach of the paper. Which is unfortunate, as I support O’Malley’s call for a open and vigorous discussion of the issues, and I fear a world where only Rubert Murdoch and his ilk have a voice. But I think that every publication that calls itself a newspaper has an obligation to present opinions in a responsible manner.  

I read the Daily Planet to get local news, and sometimes to get a local slant on World news. So what most offends me, as both a reader, and an advertisier, is that the DP chose to publish Arianapour, a Iranian student studying in India. Why Arianapour? We don’t get the benefit of a informed writer who lives in the region that is at war, nor do we have a writer that is a member of the local community. Wasn’t the Palestinian Ambassador to the UN in town during the first week of August? And there must be many Palestinian and Iranian students right here in Berkeley willing to talk about the conflict. 

Please don’t publish any more hate rants from outside of our community. 

Bruce Kaplan 

Looking Glass Photo 


Editors, Daily Planet: 

I am amazed at the considered response of the Jewish community to the anti-Semitic diatribe that you published. Many of us in the Jewish Community were against the Lebanon invasion. Our synagogue sponsored a talk by the PLO ambassador. Reconciliation is, admittedly, a long hard road. But it get longer and harder with such hateful tripe like the article you published. The only difference between you and Mel Gibson is that he was drunk. It’s time you stopped lying to yourselves that you are “peace advocates.” Such a belief has as much validity as Bush’s “No Child Left Behind.” 

Albert Greenberg 



Editors, Daily Planet: 

Even for a precious PC Berkeley left-lib you outdid yourself in sheer intellectual gooniness today, Becky. 

First, since all Arabs are semites while many Jews are not, the very term “anti-semitism” is questionable. 

Second, it is the organized Jewish community, the ADL, AIPAC, AJC, JDL, etc., that have repeatedly made Israel and Zionism synonymous with being Jewish. If Arianpour doesn’t understand this distinction he’s got plenty of company. 

Third, most Jews are not religious in the US and do not follow Judaism. Most Jews I know regard themselves as part of a distinct ethnic group. 

Fourth, how can Israel be a “Jewish State” when 25 percent of its citizens are non-Jews?  

Fifth, American Jews are NOT famous for great division of opinion on Israel. There are dissenters like Alfred Lilienthal, Noam Chomsky and others but this is very much a minority viewpoint among Jews. 

Sixth, Israelis should be held responsible for the actions of their government as we urge Americans to be responsible for our particular political criminals. To the extent that many, yes, many American Jews give a blank check to Israel they should be held responsible too. 

Seventh, let’s deal with this issue of blanket characterizations. Funny, I’ve noticed that when people praise whole groups of people, say Jews or Blacks or anyone but whites, no one objects to that kind of racism. So if airport security profiles Saudis more closely than Swedes that would be a rational decision based on past history. Very recent past history at that. 

So in fact we all deal in blanket assertions every day and as long as we recognize that not every member of a particular group is the same it is totally defensible. 

Eighth, spare us the self-serving crap about the free press here. It is free if you happen to own one and I think that’s okay. If everyone really had an obligation to make sure that what they wrote was factually accurate most of the media here would be out of business. 

Ninth, maybe Arianpour did meet a number of Jews while at UCB and that is the source of his anti-Jewish feelings. Reiterating that old hippy dippy Berkeley Let’s all love one another line doesn’t cut in 2006 America. 

Time to turn off KPFA, cancel The Nation sub and grow up, Becky ! 

Michael Hardesty 



Editors, Daily Planet: 

As a graduate of Stanford’s M.A. program in Communication, I wish journalism schools everywhere had access to your Sept. 12 editorial as an example of how to get several important things right. 

Foremost, perhaps, is the editorial’s recognition that the Daily Planet is a force for influencing thought and action, not merely an unfiltered channel for ill-thought-out prejudices masquerading as free debate. 

Thank you for sparing all of us a second helping of the views of Kurosh Arianpour. Those of us who ingested the first serving trust your summary of the latest one. 

Thank you expressly saying what many progressives seem oblivious to, “that blind hatred of all the wrong response to disliking Israel’s policies.” 

Thank you for having the courage and integrity to use words like “wrong” and “never” with regard to name-calling and hatefully fuzzy word usage. 

Thank you for describing me accurately as a Jew. I am also a Zionist, and while I recognize that Israel’s leaders are human and flawed, when I recognize Israel is reacting to 80 years of homicidal hate I compare Israel’s critics to Gov. Gray Davis when he denied parole to a woman who killed her husband in self-defense. 

Thank you especially for noting there’s no such thing as a group being guilty of anything. This is particularly healing in contrast to an anonymous piece you published years back asserting the Jews were “not impeccable” in Pilate’s decision to execute Jesus. 

Thank you for the call to “spend more time studying history.” We are all young enough to benefit from that. 

Thank you for acknowledging Israel’s freedom of the press. The heat of some of Jerusalem journalists’’ anti-government rhetoric would amaze even Arianpour. 

Many practicing Jews believe in a concept that in Hebrew is called “teshuvah". Usually translated as “repentance", it is more accurately “return to the healing and spiritual path". Many of us believe that every moment is an opportunity to act in partnership with God to help improve the world (which I DON’T think gives me license to tell you or anyone else what to do). 

Thich Nhat Hanh, in his remarkable book Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames, teaches that the excrement of life can be transformed into fertilizer. 

The unrepentant racist and imperialist fanatic Woodrow WIlson once noted that an educated person strives to add light, rather than heat, to a discussion. 

Thank you for using Kurosh as fuel for all of us to grow better. 


David Altschul 


Editors, Daily Planet: 

I applaud your decision to publish Mr. Arianpour’s commentary and the letters of readers who disagree with him. Throughout this whole debacle, I’ve found your recent editorial “Unlearning Anti-Semitism: A Few Pointers” to be most disturbing for the following reasons. First of all, you and published letter addressed Krisha in an editorial, editorials are normally addressed to all readers of the newspaper, so its hard to imagine that this is for another use besides putting Mr. Arianpour on the spot, in other words, to point out his mistakes in such a way to leave an emotional impact on him. Further evidence for this is provided by your use of condescending terms to address Mr. Arionpour. For example, you say “if you are really a physics student, you should be too smart to make that mistake". Physics students whether they are “smart” ones or not, do make mistakes, and I can not imagine how his generalization about Jews throughout history has to do with physics. Second of all, you seem to use your editorial space to criticize a letter that the public has not seen. You claim that Mr. Arianpour uses the term “Jews/Zionists", I have scoured the commentary of his that you did publish (“Zionist Crimes in Lebanon”) and cannot find one instance of the term “Jews/Zionists.” In fact, his statement “Even some Jews are condemning the atrocities of the Zionist regime” makes a clear distinction between Jews and Zionists, suggesting that he may in fact agree with you, maybe there is a more clear-cut confounding of the two terms in the second letter that the readers have not seen. 

After reading your article, I’ve seen that you made sure the public now knows that Mr. Arianpour is not a master of the English language, he is young, he has things to learn that you are trying to teach him, and that he might not be the brightest person to write to your paper. One of the greatest things a newspaper can do is to point out mistakes for all to see, I only wish you could have explicitly addressed his mistakes to us, instead of making it personal, and provided more substantiation for your claims that he made factual errors.  

Saul Crypps 


Editors, Daily Planet: 

Thanks for Becky O’Malley’s piece “Unlearning Anti-Semitism: A Few Pointers.” 

It is sad that people still have to write such explanations, but clear that they do, and good that Becky O’Malley did so, and so very well. On the other hand, such articles (and presumably the letter which motivated it) take up space on paper and in people’s minds which might better be used to analyze the problems that, presumably, motivated the original writer, Kurosh (Cyrus) Arianpour. 

The United States and Israel have (as we used to say in another context) “given themselves permission” to destroy water delivery systems, electricity generating and delivery systems, bridges, and, of course lots and lots of people, all in the name of national defense. This seems excessive to some, and “disproportional” in a legal sense (that is, such destruction, being disproportional to the things [claimed] to be being responded to, constitute, so it is reasonably claimed, war crimes). 

We’ve gone beyond mere “might makes right” (already a noxious doctrine) to a new doctrine that “possession of military might allows, perhaps even requires, the most outrageously destructive exercise of that military might.” ("If you’ve got it, flaunt it” is all very well in its place, but really.) 

And, of course, we’ve learned that the Bush administration had planned to attack Iraq long before 9/11, and Israel had planned to crush Lebanon long before Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers. So these “responses” are not only not proportional to the claimed provocations, they are not even responses to the claimed provocations. 

So, O’Malley is right. Enough of name calling. Let’s look at the realities and call them by their names. 

Peter Belmont 


(Born in Berkeley, resident from 1938-1945) 


Editors, Daily Planet: 

Becky O’Malley: Well now, you’re a person of integrity and fair ply as well as nerve. So you would have no problem, in fact I guess you would jump at the chance, publishing an article about the crimes against civilians that radical Islam has committed over the generations. Am I right?? The content of “Zionist Crimes in Lebanon” strays far from its promise, wouldn’t you say? So Becky, this URL might be a good place to start (; however, really all you have to do is google muslim crimes or Islam crimes and you will find an abundance of articles that should fulfill your penchant for this sort of honest, in-depth, provocative publishing Looking forward to the next Daily Planet. My guess is you don’t have the cajones because you know what will happen.  

Tom Bray 


Editors, Daily Planet: 

Kurosh Arianpour’s letter from India in the Berkeley Daily Planet which rants about why Jews should be exterminated is fascinating.  

Among other things, Arianpour wants the reader to ignore the fact that (a) his country, Iran, is currently at the top of the pariah list in the world, even using the United Nations as a reference point; (b) his national leader has repeatedly called for the destruction of a whole country; (c) a majority of his fellow countrymen are utterly incapable of choosing leaders who actually represent them; and (d) thousands of years of Persian splendor has resulted in an oil-rich nation led by a bunch of twisted 7th Century minds and soon, nuclear weapons. 

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing except that it’s much too easy to blame the Jews for everything, including anti-Semitism, than to employ rational analysis. 

If Arianpour really wants to torment people in the West, many Jews included, he should become a Dell support technician while living in India. Then he can do some real damage. 

Desmond Tuck 

San Mateo 


Editors, Daily Planet: 

Editor and owner Ms. O’Malley seems to be catching on to the good old American way of promulgating her newspaper: ie, “push hot buttons.” Example, the “free-speech” publication of “Jews have always been the problem,” and most recently entering the “keep the BUSD free from foreign interlopers.” What next, Becky, “create a war” a la W.R Hearst?  

Robert Blau  


Editors, Daily Planet: 

On the issue of the anti-Semitic commentary: I would have had no problem if you published it as a letter to the editor. That seems to be a section where you are willing to have anything expressed—as if it were a posting on a message board. But you put the text on the Commentary page, which I have always assumed carries more significance, credibility, and substance. Maybe it would be helpful if you could explain the difference between letters and commentaries. 

Regarding your use of the term refugees in the story about Katrina: I am amazed that you do not understand the implied racism of that word. More than enough media attention has been given to Rev. Jesse Jackson and others to this issue. It is well covered in Spike Lee’s recent documentary on HBO. I can only assume you reject the argument that the term is racist because I just cannot believe you are not aware of the issue around the use of the word.  

Elevating the status of hate-speech and using racist terms are not what I’d expect of a progressive paper. 

Steven Robbins 

San Francisco  


Editors, Daily Planet: 

Is the question anti-Semitism or is the question free speech or is it perhaps a question not yet addressed? Following contemporary guidelines for what is called “full disclosure” (another analogue for “fair and balanced” which is mostly an analogue for passing the buck when it does not rise to the level of “what me worry?") let me note at the outset that I am a middle-aged white male. Further I am an American and I am Jewish. I don’t believe in god, God, Allah, Yehova, Krishna, Jesus, or that Mormon guy from my natal state of Illinois. But I do believe in anti-Semitism, for the simple reason that there is good historical proof aplenty. 

Unlike many dead historically documented events and facts, anti-Semitism is--alas--alive and sick in India, in Britain, in Russia, in France, in Senegal, and hey, space is expensive and you can go Google every damn country and don’t forget, right here in River City. This is not news, this is not shocking, and according to more than one opinion, anti-Semitism is alive and well in the person of one Becky O’Malley, the editor who prints “a diversity of ideas” according to Chip Johnson of the Chron. Well don’t count me in the line forming to make that accusation. (Which is not to say that I might not if I knew more about her opinions, but I don’t and I won’t). 

I will however take an early ticket and bring my sleeping bag so that I can be near the front of the line of those who think Ms. O’Malley has the editorial intelligence and judgment of what is mostly known as a horse’s ass. In the lingo or my native city and perhaps yours, she “don’t know expletive deleted from Shinola.” According to that usually careful reporter, Chip Johnson, Ms. O’Malley’s reasons for publishing Kurosh Aranapour’s street stupid anti-Semitic and pointedly racist, hateful, anti-Jewish diatribe, was because it (again, according to Johnson) “was representative of a lot of people around the world......I want to hear everyone’s voice. It makes for a more interesting paper and a more social dialogue.” Becky O’Malley has the Constitutional right and I might add the moral and intellectual right to publish whatever she damn well pleases including this. However, rights are not a substitute for judgment. Simply because Mr. Aranapour’s (poor Aryan anybody?) vulgar and crude racism reflects what “people say and think” (show me documentation please) is not, I would suggest, a reason for publication. There are racist newsletters and newspapers aplenty, not to mention their exponentially exploded numbers on the web who might well be happy to spread more anti-Semitic Kudzu. Here in beautiful Berkeley, home to a great University, many people believe in astrology, in having their Chakra’s re-aligned, in Bessarabian herbal therapy, and in every and any manner of nareshkeit (silliness) and mishegas (tom foolery). Belief is beautiful, but only for the believer. 

For the rest of us swimming in the uncertainty of principle, discourse is hard enough without what once was the legitimacy print offered being given to cranks who had pamphlets (or the pulpit) and now have the web. One more thing, Ms. O’Malley: what prey tell--in English--is “social dialogue"? 

Richard Gordon 


Editors, Daily Planet: 

I’m a Jew, and here’s what I find offensive about the Aug. 8 regarding Zionist: 

1. Anti-Israel “pundits” everywhere will use the term “Zionist Regime,” “Zionist Entity” etc. rather then using the word Israel. Translation: Israel does not have a right to exist.  

a. "All around the world, there have been demonstrations and protests against the genocide of civilians and children in the hands of Israeli forces.” – All over the world? I must have missed it.  

b. “Genocide of civilians” - Israel announces where it is fighting, drops leaflets, and avoids civilians. Their enemy targets civilians.  

2. “Have you not seen the photos coming from Lebanon?”—The “news agencies” in the Middle East will show photos over and over again. Especially if they can get a shot of innocent civilians. While it is an unfortunate tragedy that civilians are hit, it is unavoidable. Need the author be reminded that Hezballah began this conflict by breaching a recognized border and attacking soldiers? What the author fails to point out is the celebrations and cheers that are shown when they show shots of Israeli civilians being hit. After all, that is Hezballahs stated goal.  

3. “Some 800 Lebanese, mostly civilians and children, have been killed, compared to 80 Israelis” - that is only because Hezballah missed. But I wonder, does the author think Hezballah committed any crimes?  

4. “You mostly find irrelevant stories, such as same-sex marriage, drunken Mel Gibson, etc., in the U.S. media”—I would like anyone, Arab, Jew, American—read any Arab paper. You will have a hard time finding a SINGLE Arab paper that does not mention Israel or the Jews on the first page, and often several times. THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH US. The Arab world is over a billion people – you have to wonder why they think about a few million Jews so much? You also have to wonder how many of them ever met a Jew.  

5. The author wants to blame the Jews for their own hardships (Babylonia, Egypt, Germany, etc)—What is his opinion of the Palestinians? I’d guess he’d blame the “Zionist Entity” for their woes (I won’t even talk about the millions of Palestinians in “camps” in Arab countries!). And what about hate crimes against such as the murder of someone because of their race or religion—were they “asking for it” too?  

6. The author cites Hugo Chavez as if he were an “expert” on human rights and world politics—why not cite Merkel from Germany, Chirac from France? You can’t just pick and choose you’re experts because they agree with you.  

7. “The Middle Easterners believe that the U.S. brand of democracy is nothing but, hegemony, oppression, murder, destruction, and rape.”—While a true democracy is not perfect, it is the best system around. You’ll never know how much murder or rape is committed in the Arab Middle East because you’re newspaper are so obsessed with Israel and the United States they don’t have time to report it. There is a reason wealthy Arab’s send their children to the west for education, medical operations, etc, isn’t there? 

My advice to the student author—issue have at least two sides, don’t be afraid to look at them.  

Robby Brodsky 

San Jose 


Editors, Daily Planet: 

Hallinan bandies the word, “illusion,” all over the place as a rhetorical weapon in his most recent article, “The Aftermath of Lebanon: Myths and Dark Plans." This one word must substitute for serious analysis. One core “illusion,” according to Hallinan, is that Hizbollah is a front for Syria or Iran. Say it ain’t so. Then where did all those Syrian, Iranian, and Russian missiles come from, jihadi Paradise? And what about motive? Syria is aggrieved at Israel for holding on to the Golan Heights and Iran is aggrieved at Israel for simply existing. According to the millennial views of Iran’s president and many of the mullahs, the 12th Imam (messiah) will not come until Israel is destroyed. If Hizbollah were acting on behalf of Lebanon it would not have attacked Israel, since it has no separate beef. After all, Israel did not occupy one square inch of Lebanon. In fact, Israel occupied Southern Lebanon until 1990 precisely because of its fear that Hizbollah would threaten its peaceful northern border if it left. It took a courageous gamble on the part of then prime minister, Ehud Barak, to leave Southern Lebanon. I supported him at the time. However, as many warned, Hizbollah immediately moved into the vacuum, built a hardened military infrastructure under the very noses of a token and impotent UN force, and in the fullness of time, launched attacks on Israel, making the most recent war an inevitability. If that weren’t bad enough, the Palestinians used Hizbollah’s “success” as a model for their violent second intifada. In short, Barak’s gambit failed miserably.  

Hallinan suffers from chronic illusions himself. Take for example his claim that Hizbollah remains intact. Errant nonsense. Hizbollah’s entire infrastructure in Southern Lebanon was overrun and destroyed. It lost most of its long range missiles and hundreds of its best fighters. Its headquarters and bunkers in the Shiite suburbs of Beirut lay in ruins. Much of their leadership is dead, and their supreme leader, Hassan Nazrallah, is hiding more deeply than Osama Bib Laden (my guess is that he is in the basement of the Iranian Embassy in Beirut). I doubt he will dare come out to the light of day any time soon. If the Israelis don’t whack him, Lebanon’s own people will. Hizbollah, is now vastly unpopular in Lebanon, and is desperately trying to buy back its lost influence with the help of Iranian cash. If that’s “intact” I have a broken record I would like to sell Hallinan. 

Speaking of broken records, what happened to Becky O’Malley’s recent pledge to leave the Middle East alone? She is like an addict who swears the substance off every Tuesday only to relapse by Friday. 

John Gertz 



Editors, Daily Planet: 

Any credibility that Conn Hallian may have once had was eviscerated by the years he spent as a stooge for the Communist Party when editing its newspaper. Alas, the old lefty still can’t eschew fabrication, as witness his columns in general and his mindboggling recent delusional rant that Hezbollah is neither a creation of Iran nor beholden to weaponry and monies allocated by the theocracy in Teheran. 

From where, pray tell, does Hallinan think the thousands of rockets Hezbollah used in its war against Israel came from? Perhaps he believes that Allah delivered them so that these fine Islamofacists could smite the scourge of Zionism. 

As for his regular appearance in the Daily Planet, it’s an embarrassment to see Hallinan’s nonsense appear in our so-called community newspaper. Or maybe not, for the Daily Planet is, in itself, as much as an embarrassment to Berkeley as is Radio Jihad, KPFA, our local disinformation station. 

Chip Johnson in Friday’s Chronicle put it well in his column wondering why owner/editor Becky O’Malley would publish such missives of hate and fabrication when she decided to print the Iranian’s anti-Semitic tract. I would say the same to O’Malley for her continual need to demonize Israel either by proxy via Hallinan, merchants of hate such as Arianapour, or her own absurd editorials. 

In sum, considering the above, I would apply to O’Malley the words the great defense attorney Joseph Welch directed to Joseph McCarthy: “At long last, Ms. O’Malley, have you no sense of shame?” 

Dan Spitzer 



Editors, Daily Planet: 

I Live In The USA but I have a Palestinian neighbor. 

I needed room for my swimming pool so I went over to my Palestinian neighbor’s house and killed his entire family, I bulldozed his house and put in my pool. Ah ! So nice and cool! 

I was arrested and brought to court but the Judge threw the case out of court because it is perfectly legal in the USA, Ah ! So nice and cool ! Shortly afterwards some of my previous Palestinian neighbors relatives and friends started to terrorize the courthouse and killed the Judge. I built a 50 foot wall around my house for protection but the rockets could enter over the top. 

So I placed a cement cieling over my entire house and pool. I now live in a coffin ! 

Greg Smith 


Editors, Daily Planet: 

Hi Becky O’Malley: I’m not enough of a student of world history to know if the Jews have had more problems getting along with other tribes, or whether they’re “no different from the rest of humanity in that regard.” Certainly, humanity in general doesn’t have much in the way of bragging rights in the “getting along” department. That said, considering the Jews “long and often tragic history”: The Jews have been kicked out of Palestine, kicked out of Egypt, kicked out of Spain, kicked out of England, kicked out of France, kicked out of Germany, as well as suffering countless pogroms and persecutions in many other burgs they’ve inhabited. Considering what a small tribe the Jews are—they really make up a minuscule fraction of the world’s population—they have certainly had their fair of problems as actors on the world stage. At the very least, no tribe in history has gotten more mileage out of PUBLICIZING their problems with other tribes. In fact, as far as I know, its unprecedented that they’ve coined a specific term—“anti-Semitism”—just to define all the problems that other people have had with relating to them. Its also worth noting, too, that they’ve had a remarkable, and possibly unprecedented history of successes on the world stage also. And one only has to consider names such as Jesus, Einstein, Marx, Freud, Hollywood, etc. to realize the strong impact the Jews have had on so many facets of world history. 

At any rate, keep up the great work with the DAILY PLANET. It is truly a fiesty li’l zine.  

Peter Labriola 


Editors, Daily Planet: 

In this era of continuing disharmony over wars, elections, free speech, and local development, I find myself longing for the type of letter that once graced the pages of the London Times. 

In that spirit, I submit the following: As summer draws to a close, my stately backyard plum tree has yielded exactly 7,363 small, sloppy, inedible plums. My grateful thanks to Diane Davenport, Eli Joyce, and Jean Haseltine for both maintaining meticulous statistics and for their season-long efforts at ground clearance. 

Your obedient servant (another Times memory), 

Sayre Van Young 


Editors, Daily Planet: 

Look, the reactionaries in the American and Israeli spy-agencies worked together to plan, execute, and sell the killings of Sept. 11, 2001. Since then, top Democrats in the United States have had a gun to their head to stay silent about the whole affair. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people tortured to death in the global War of Terror has blackmailed them into going along ever worse and more proudly broadcast atrocities. 

That’s the straight truth, and now is it’s moment, for Mayor Bates, Gavin Newsom, Phil Angelides, Barbara Lee, and every other high-level Democrat in the country. The stakes are the highest, and responsibility is everywhere, especially in the more powerful. 

Lies kill, the everyday social lies, and the high level lies, kill, big time, just as sure as gas and bullets. In fact, it is lies and lying that drive the bullets. It also drives 95% of teenage suicide. A lie, ANY lie about anything, is, quite literally, THE social nazification procedure. And those who most heavily promote those patterns in others, are the deadliest nazification militants of all. 

Which brings me to UC Berkeley. There will be no principled protest coming from the students there. That “university” turned Nazi-Republican once Schwarzenegger was made president of the UC Regents by Stanford’s Hoover Institution three years ago. Just sit in a student café around Berkeley and hear for yourself: “biology” and “public health” means pharmaceutical and biological warfare research, “environmental design” means high-profit development scams, and “history” means getting forced to lie about how current society is the only way people ever have or ever will live. 

Thank you, Daily Planet, for again accurately reporting the high-level principles of the Paradigm from California, You neglected to mention, however, that Bill and Hillary Clinton are the exclusive owners of the copyrights to all the charts and writings therein contained. And yes, indeed, it is the only cure for the human-harming human problem ever devised—and thereby, the only way out of this escalating, worldwide, and final Holocaust. To reduce the solution to one rule: One should encourage and enable others to accurately figure out whether or not any person is deliberately and consciously misreporting their own perceptions. (By the way, the main writer was Jewish, and you can read and hear his views on the Israeli State at, in the paper “Accuracy-Based Politics") 

Christian Pecaut