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Campus Police Investigate Co-Op Death

BY Richard Brenneman
Tuesday September 19, 2006

UC Berkeley police are investigating the death of a graduate student whose body was discovered Friday evening in the same residential co-op where 16 residents were treated at local hospitals a week earlier after consuming cannabis-laced cookies. 

Fre Hindeya, 26, was pronounced dead at the 2600 Ridge Road building after his body was discovered about 6 p.m., reports the Alameda County Coroner’s office. 

An autopsy was scheduled to be performed Monday, but hadn’t commenced by mid-afternoon. “We have five homicides we have to do today,” explained a coroner’s spokesperson. 

While there was no immediate indication of foul play, campus police treated the room at the Cloyne Court Co-op as a crime scene pending the outcome of the medical exam. 

Berkeley police spokesperson Officer Ed Galvan said his department wasn’t involved in the investigation, and campus police didn’t return calls from a reporter. 

Two residents of the UC Berkeley-owned building declined to comment about Hindeya or his death. 

“I’m sorry we can’t help you,” said one. “We’ve all suffered.” 

Another resident was busily sweeping up broken glass from beer and other bottles in the courtyard of the landmarked building, containers apparently smashed against a rear concrete retaining wall. 

The debris was collected in a blue plastic tarp that took three students to empty in a rubbish bin.