KPFA Independents Enter Fray

By Judith Scherr
Friday November 03, 2006

Eight candidates are running for the board as independents. 

• A professor of linguistics at Cal State Fresno, Vida Samiian, is a KFCF listener (some local programming emanates from KFCF-Fresno and other is transmitted from KPFA). A first generation immigrant, he says immigrants can be marginalized and wants their voices heard. He is supported by People’s Radio. 

• Jim Weber, a teacher, wants to promote more democratic relationship between listeners and the station. He attends every LSB meeting. 

• Retired postal carrier and union activist with a background in journalism, Dave Welch is calling for more community programming produced in collaboration with grassroots community groups and more on-site reporting. 

• Aaron Aarons supports anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist programming and a news department that starts from the premise “that the government and the corporations are lying until proven otherwise.” His web site is: http://aarons.f-m.fm/ 

• Howard Beeman is a farmer in Yolo County, and is running for re-election to the board. He wants KPFA to have a presence at more community events to gain broader listenership. 

• Director of Prison Radio, Noelle Hanrahan, former Flashpoints co-host, wants to bring new perspectives to the air. Endorsed by civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart, Hanrahan can be reached at info@prisonradio.org. 

• Running for re-election, Jane Jackson is a peace and disabilities activist and fought to get the station back from the national board in 1999-2000. She is endorsed by the People’s Radio group. 

• Born in a former British colony in South America, Nazreen Kadir is concerned with race and class issues. As the Bay Area demographics change, KPFA has to change with it, she says. With a degree in strategic management, Kadir said she wants to use her skills to help KPFA’s development.