Candidates Join Forces to Host Election Night Parties

Tuesday November 07, 2006

The schedule of election night parties traditonally provides clues for alert observers about shifting alliances among candidates. All festivities are scheduled to start after the polls close, around 8 o’clock tonight (Tuesday). 

Mayor Tom Bates will be hosting his party at Cafe De La Paz, 1600 Shattuck Av. Berkeley City Council District 1 candidate Linda Maio’s supporters will join the Bates gathering, as will those of candidate Raudel Wilson, who has challenged progressive Councilmember Dona Spring in District 4.  

Mayoral candidate Zelda Bronstein’s supporters will gather at her campaign headquarters at 1644 MLK, at Virginia. 

Berkeley mayoral candidate Zachary Runningwolf has not yet announced the location of his post-election venue. A campaign spokesperson told the Planet that in keeping with his Native American background, it will be held in the open. 

Berkeley City Council District 7 Councilmember candidate Kriss Worthington and District 8 candidate Jason Overman are holding their post-election party at their joint south-of-campus campaign headquarters at 2502 Telegraph. District 4 Councilmember and candidate Dona Spring is also inviting her supporters to party at the Worthington-Overman headquarters.  

Berkeley City Council District 8 candidate Gordon Wozniak will hold his election night party in a Claremont district home at 141 Parkside Dr. Berkeley City Council District 7 candidate George Beier, who shared an office with Wozniak, has yet to announce a venue for a post-election party. 

Oakland City Council District 2 candidate Pat Kernighan will hold a Volunteer Appreciation Party at the Sushi Zone at 388 9th St., Suite 268. 

Oakland City Council District 2 candidate Aimee Allison will be having her post-election party at Maxwell’s Lounge at 341 13th St. 

Albany City Council candidates Margie Atkinson and Joanne Willie will hold their election night party at 1127 Garfield Ave.  

Albany City Council candidate Caryl O’Keefe has told the Planet she hasn’t yet decided if she will be having a party since her husband is scheduled for surgery tomorrow evening. 

The Planet was not able to get information about post-election parties for the following candidates by press-time: 

• Berkeley mayoral candidate Christian Pecaut. 

• Berkeley City Council District 1 candidate Merillie Mitchell. 

•Albany City Council candidate Francesco Papalia. 



—Riya Bhattacharjee, Mason Cohen and Richard Brenneman