Police Blotter

By Richard Brenneman
Tuesday November 07, 2006

Hooded bandit 

A menacing man robbed a 21-year-old at the Cloyne Court student co-op Friday night, then returned later to threaten him with a knife during the predawn hours Saturday, according to a crime alert issued by UC Berkeley Police Chief Victoria L. Harrison. 

The suspect, wearing the de rigeur Berkeley bandit fashion accessory—a dark-colored hoodie—did not injure the young man. 


Another hoodie, another heist 

Another hoodie-clad hold-up artist, this one accompanied by a companion, used a punch to the face to convince a young UC Berkeley student to hand over his valuables. 

The young man told campus police he was approached by the pair as he was walking near Evans Hall just before 5:15 p.m. Saturday. The punch and the ensuing demand came after they’d stopped him to ask for directions. 

Once he’d been decked, the young man handed over his valuables and the bandits departed.