SF Opera Comes to Malcolm X

Friday November 24, 2006

San Francisco Opera singers and fourth-graders at Malcolm X Elementary School joined forces in a one-hour production of Rossini's Barber of Seville at Malcolm X last week. 

Lead singers from the opera were Joseph Wright (Figaro), Sandra Rubalcava (Rosina), and Chris Corley (Count Alamaviva); pianist Ron Valentino provided the accompaniment. Malcolm X lead singers were Elliston Franks (Doctor Bartolo), Alice Rossmann (Berta, the maid) and Lydia Raag (Don Basilio). The production was sponsored by the San Francisco Opera Guild and its “Opera a la Carte” program. 


The participants are: 


Ensemble, on stage (left to right):  

Hansel Aklikokou, Clem De Giovanni,  

Eduardo Paz-Leja, Elliston Franks, 

Alice Rossmann, Joseph Wright,  

Sandra Rubalcava, Chris Corley. 


Chorus (left to right):  

Parrish Ingram, Helena Noriega, Bobbi Brown, Ashley Longares, Arianna McDonald,  

Marche Hayes, Alexa Pupillo, Samantha Mejia, Tayo Ogunmayin, Jamel Parrish.