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Friday November 24, 2006

Have You Met Your Neighbors?  

Part 2 


I want to report and brag on two different neighborhood groups in Berkeley (both groups are made up of just the houses that comprise a city block). 

In one group, every house on the block, 12 altogether, are getting together and having automatic gas shut-off valves installed at every house. Needless to say, they’re getting a better price than doing it one at a time.  

The other group has one family that has volunteered to keep extra water (a 55 gallon barrel), food, and first aid supplies for the whole block. It’s stored next to their garage. This is in addition to each family’s kits and supplies.  

The common denominator here is that they have made the effort to meet each other. Congratulations to both groups! I’ll say it again: someone needs to get all the neighbors together—why not you? 



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