Candidate Count Certified, Election Winners Sworn In

By Judith Scherr
Tuesday December 12, 2006

After the battles of almost half a year, candidates winning the local mayoral and council races will be sworn in at tonight’s (Tuesday) City Council meeting. 

Following are final statistics certified by the county registrar of voters. 

There are 69,780 people registered to vote in Berkeley of whom 46,166, or 66.16 percent, cast ballots. 

In the mayor’s race, Tom Bates won the reelection with 25,680 votes, 62.72 percent of the total; Zelda Bronstein got 12,680 votes, or 30.92 percent; Zachary Running Wolf picked up 1,880, or 4.60 percent; and Christian Pecaut got 517 votes, or 1.26 percent. There were 185 votes for write-in candidates for mayor. 

Incumbent Linda Maio won the race for District 1, with 3,746 votes, or 76.22 percent of the total, while Merrilie Mitchell got 1,126 votes, or 22.91 percent. There are 8,580 people registered to vote in District 1 of whom 71.96 cast ballots. People voted for 43 write-in candidates. 

Incumbent Dona Spring won the race for District 4 with 3,127 votes, or 71.20 percent; Raudel Wilson got 1,228 or 27.96 percent of the vote. There are 8,492 registered voters in District 4, of whom 61.42 percent went to the polls. 

Kriss Worthington, District 7 incumbent, got 2,119 votes, or 52.86 percent of the total, and George Beier got 1,870, or 46.65 percent. There are 8,608 voters registered in District 7, of whom 54.17 percent cast ballots.  

In District 8, Gordon Wozniak got 2,730 votes, or 63.09 percent of the total, and Jason Overman got 1,581, or 36.54 percent. There are 9,463 voters registered, of whom 55.84 percent voted. 

Yes on Measure G, an advisory measure to reduce greenhouse gases in Berkeley got 33,293 votes, or 82.30 percent. 

Yes on Measure H, calling on the House of Representatives to initiate proceedings for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney won with 28,096 votes, or 69.52 percent. 

Measure I, which would have quintupled the number of allowable conversions of rental units, was defeated with 28,396 votes, or 73.87 percent of the vote. 

Measure J, which would have facilitated landmark designation, lost with 21,869, or 56.76 percent, voting to oppose the measure.  

For school director there were three winning candidates: Nancy Riddle got 22,856 voters, or 29.70 percent; Karen Hemphill got 21,777, or 28.309 percent; and Shirley Issel got 18,827 voters, or 24.46 percent. Defeated were David Baggins who got 8,444 votes, or 10.97 percent, and Norma Harrison who got 4,836 votes, or 6.28 percent. 

Four years ago, more people were registered to vote in Berkeley: 70,184, of whom 40,142, or 57 percent, voted, compared to 69,780 people registered to vote in 2006, of whom 46,166, or 66.16 percent, voted. In 2004, 78,638 Berkeleyans were registered to vote and 54.25 percent turned out to vote; in 2000, there were 72,299 people registered and 75.6 percent voted. 

In Alameda County, Phil Angelides won the governor’s race with 56.39 percent of the vote, Arnold Schwarzenegger came in second with 36.49 percent and Green Party candidate Peter Miguel Camejo came in third with 4.49 percent. The Libertarian, Peace and Freedom and American Independent candidates got less than 1 percent.  

In Berkeley, slightly more than half the voters went to the poles and slightly fewer voted absentee: 23,299 people voted at the poles and 22,867 voted absentee.