BHS Principal Recovering After Traffic Accident

By Rio Bauce
Tuesday March 13, 2007

Late Monday, Berkeley High School Principal Jim Slemp reported that he was feeling better but that he was still hurting following an accident on his bike.  

At 7 a.m. on Friday, an oncoming motorist at the intersection of Telegraph Avenue and Oregon Street hit Slemp as he rode his bike to school. 

“I was in a bike lane with a helmet,” recounts Slemp, “and a person on Oregon Street coming onto Telegraph looked like they were going to stop, but just slowed down, and hit me.” 

After the accident, the fire truck arrived, followed by an ambulance which carried Slemp to Alta Bates General Hospital on Ashby Avenue, just a few blocks away. He stayed under care at the hospital for two and half days, returning last Wednesday with a cast. 

“I broke three ribs, my shoulder in two places, and my thumb in two places,” says Slemp with a smile on his face, “but the recovery shouldn’t be too long. Ribs are the longest, taking about six weeks, according to my doctor.” 

During Slemp’s absence, Vice Principal Rory Bled took the role of principal for Monday and Tuesday of last week. Everything went smoothly and there weren’t any problems, according to the administration.