Burroughs Hired to Write Greenhouse Gas Bill

BY Judith Scherr
Friday May 04, 2007

Timothy Burroughs will be writing the city’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan, the city’s Public Information Officer Mary Kay Clunies-Ross announced in a press release Thursday. 

Burroughs, formerly of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), Local Governments for Sustainability, was originally hired for the same task by the Community Energy Services Corporation, the fiscal sponsor for Sustainable Berkeley, a grouping of UC Berkeley nonprofits, “green” health professionals and consultants.  

However, the city manager recently determined that the community would be better served and the efforts would be more transparent if the function of writing the plan were placed in the city’s division of Energy and Sustainable Development. 

Burroughs was the sole candidate when selected for the post by Sustainable Berkeley, but was among 18 candidates who applied for the post when it was opened through the city on March 30, according to Human Resources Director Dave Hodgkins. The position was held open for two weeks. Burroughs began work May 1. 

“We’ll achieve our emissions reduction targets in Berkeley with every resident, business, institution and the city government committing to work together to make a difference,” Burroughs said in the release. 

Burroughs holds a Master of Arts degree in Global Environmental Policy from American University in Washington, D.C.