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Commentary: In Remembrance of Fallen Walkers

By Wendy Alfsen
Friday June 01, 2007

This Memorial Day season we remember Berkeley’s fallen walkers. (It was called Remembrance Day in years gone by). Pedestrians killed on Berkeley streets by vehicle driver s nearly exceed all other killings, including murder.  

We honor Fred Lupke on behalf of all pedestrians who have died on Berkeley’s streets. Fred was a passionate pedestrian activist who fought for equal and universal access for everyone. Fred died in his wheelchair in a vehicle travel lane where the sidewalk was then impassable on Ashby Ave near the South Berkeley Senior Center. A new sidewalk was later built by Caltrans and the City. We urge everyone to walk, reclaiming our neighborhoods and city as well as our own personal health.  

Participate in upcoming public workshops on Berkeley’s Pedestrian Plan ( and urge the city to fully fund needed walking improvements ( In Fred Lupke’s honor, let’s make Berkeley the safest, walkable city that it can be . 


Wendy Alfsen, Coordinator, Walk & Roll Berkeley