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Tuesday August 14, 2007

In the Aug. 7 article “AC Transit Directors Approve Bus Transfer” concerning the sale of 16 existing NABI buses owned by AC Transit in exchange for the purchase of new Van Hool buses, we wrote that AC Transit board member Rebecca Kaplan said that she had switched her vote from abstaining to approval this time “only because FEMA is waiting for the buses in New Orleans for the Katrina victims, and they are really needed down there.” 

The quote was from an interview with Kaplan taken without notes. What Kaplan actually said was that she voted approval for the NABI bus sale the last time it came before the board because “the buses had been promised to emergency responders in the gulf coast, due to their emergency bus-buy which they were seeking to finish fast before this year’s hurricane season, in order to avoid a repeat of what happened in Katrina. When Katrina hit, emergency responders did not have buses available, and thus, residents who did not own cars were stranded and abandoned. Emergency responders were seeking to buy some more buses quickly in order to avoid a repeat of this aspect of the Katrina failure. They could not wait to order new-built buses. They had to find ‘used’ ones they could buy quickly.” 

The Daily Planet regrets the error.