Fire Code Violations Close UC Fraternity

By Rio Bauce
Friday August 24, 2007

On Thursday, the Berkeley Fire Department (BFD) threw the 16 residents of UC Berkeley’s fraternity Kappa Sigma out of their house for violating several fire safety codes, including not replacing a dysfunctional sprinkler system. 

“They’ve known since the end of school last year,” said David Orth, BFD public information officer. “They need to bring it up to code and for whatever reason, they haven’t.” 

In May, the BFD notified Kappa Sigma, on the 2400 block of Warring Street, of the violations. The fraternity hired workers to update their building facility. However, when BFD returned to the building on Thursday morning, the necessary renovations were not complete. 

“Now, the building cannot be used for normal occupancy,” said Orth. “We told everyone to move their things out by 3 p.m. Now only the workers can stay inside.”