School Board Welcomes Student Bauce

By Riya Bhattacharjee
Friday September 07, 2007

Berkeley High senior Rio Bauce was sworn in by Alameda County Superior Court Judge John True as the new student school board representative Wednesday. 

Bauce, who has chaired the city’s youth commission and is probably the youngest member to have served on the city’s planning commission to date, also writes for the Daily Planet. 

“I look forward to working with each member of the board, the Superintendent, the staff, students, parents, teachers, and other groups,” Bauce told the school board during the Board of Education meeting.  

“I want to thank all the students who supported me during my campaign and gave me ideas for the upcoming school year. Although I was elected by the students, I am open to feedback from everyone and I welcome your input.” 

He added that he hoped to increase funds for counseling staff, specifically at the high school level. 

“While the school counselors have been more efficient in dealing with schedule changes this year, there are simply not enough of them to accommodate 3,200 students,” he said. 

“I want to praise the School Board and the City for their cooperation in expanding youth playing fields around Berkeley. I hope to help build on that that.” 

Judge True, a former Berkeley High parent, praised Bauce. 

“I have heard about Rio from all my four kids and I am very impressed,” he said. “I am sure his commitment will help the school district on the whole.” 

Bauce, who moved to Berkeley from San Francisco when he was 3 years old, joined the National Youth Rights Association—a group dedicated to empowering youth—in high school. 

Although the group’s attempts to allow 17-year olds a vote in school board elections failed, Bauce continued to fight  

for students’ rights as youth commission chair.