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Quake Tip of the Week: A Big Quake and Your Phone

By Larry Guillot
Friday October 19, 2007

After the next big quake, if your phones work, use the phone and not your car! A few tips: 

• Change your voice mail message to state that you are safe  

• Before the quake, make sure that all your family knows a single relative or friend who lives outside California that you can contact to say you are fine. This way, fewer calls are needed on jammed “in-State”phone lines.  

• You may have to wait a bit longer for dial tone after a quake. Be patient. Don't just hang up and try again.  

• Keep change or a pre-paid phone card in your wallet. 

Make your home secure and your family safe. 


Larry Guillot is owner of QuakePrepare, an earthquake consulting, securing, and kit supply service. Call him at 558-3299, or visit www.quakeprepare.com.