Snakes in the Reservoir, and Other Booms and Busts

Wild Neighbors: By Joe Eaton
Tuesday November 06, 2007

Sometimes I miss out on interesting natural phenomena. It wasn’t until last month, while cruising the posters at the biennial State of the Estuary Conference, that I learned about the water snake invasion of Lafayette Reservoir. I’d go check it out, but it’s too late; they’re all gone. Another exotic-species boom gone bust. -more-

Gardener’s Gold

By Shirley Barker
Tuesday November 06, 2007

Every now and then I see a teenager in one of my trees. From a window I thought at first it might be a small UC student locationally adrift, in a striped shirt. A closer look showed it to be a young Cooper’s hawk, glaring down at me in comparably dauntless fashion. Thanks to Joe Eaton’s bi-weekly column, I can guess that it is drawn to the sparrows and finches at the thistle feeder, though the ducks keep an eye skywards when it appears, and my female cat skedaddles into the house. Smaller than the ducks, she is I hope still too large for the crow-sized Cooper’s. -more-

Undercurrents: Then and Now: Chron Columnist’s Take On More Police for Oakland

By J. Douglas Allen-Taylor
Friday November 02, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, the Metropolitan Greater Oakland (MGO) Democratic Club held a journalists’ forum on the first 200 days of the administration of Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums. -more-

East Bay Then and Now: Maybeck’s Boke House: Made by One Crusader for Another

By Daniella Thompson
Friday November 02, 2007

On November 14, 1901 an item in the Berkeley Daily Gazette informed: -more-

Garden Variety: Take a Nursery Jaunt Up Tomales Bay

By Ron Sullivan
Friday November 02, 2007

Mostly Natives is a classic, and worth a jaunt on a nice day. If you’re the sort of traveler who appreciates dramatic and various weather shows, that would include the average rainy spell; the rolling curtains and airborne leviathans of fog and cloud that unroll across the Richmond—San Rafael Bridge and lie in the folds of Marin County, alternately dazzling and shrouding you on the road are one of our particular local pleasures. -more-

About the House: A Few Things I Was Wrong About

By Matt Cantor
Friday November 02, 2007

This is for my wife. Actually, it’s for wives and girlfriends everywhere. Here it is. I was wrong. Wait, I’ll say it again. I was wrong. How are you feeling? Giddy? Lightheaded? Well, don’t lose control. It’s one of these construction things. Not anything important like bedspreads, hair-do’s or Angelina’s latest fling. -more-