Board Screens Applications for Berkeley Unified Superintendent

By Riya Bhattacharjee
Friday November 23, 2007

The Berkeley Board of Education will meet in closed session Monday to screen applications for the position of superintendent of the Berkeley Unified School District. 

The search for a new superintendent began in September after current district superintendent Michele Lawrence announc-ed her retirement. She will leave the post Feb. 1. 

The district hired Mission Viejo-based Leadership Associates to conduct the recruitment process, which started with a community meeting. The application period closed on Nov. 5. 

“We got a good strong and diverse pool of candidates,” said board president Joaquin Rivera. “One of the best the consultants have seen in years.” 

After the board screens the applicants they will conduct interviews on Dec. 8 and 9th. After the final candidate is approved, dates will be set to visit his or her district. 

The board will then announce the name of the candidate to the community. 

The district has come under criticism from some community members and organizations for carrying out a closed selection process. Board members said the success of the search depends on its confidentiality. 

For more information on the search see www.leadershipassociates.org.