FCMAT Oakland Schools Report Summary

Friday November 30, 2007

FCMAT rates on a 10-point scale, with scores given to several individual standards within each of the five operational areas (community relations and governance, finance, facilities management, personnel management, and pupil achievement), and then the operational area itself is given an average of the individual standards scores.  

FCMAT only recommends return to local control of an operational area when the average of that operational area is at 6 or above, and where no individual standard within that operational area is given a score of less than 4. 

The most recent scores and how they changed from FCMAT’s last OUSD report: 


Community Relations and Governance 

(already returned to local control) Up 0.27 points, from 7.0 in 2006 to 7.27 in 2007.  


Personnel Management  

(recommended for return to local control) Up 1.4 points, from 5.2 in 2006 to 6.6 in 2007. 


Pupil Achievement 

(falls just below FCMAT recommendation for return to local control) Up 0.87 points, from 5.0 in 2006 to 5.87 in 2007. 


Financial Management 

(not recommended for return to local control) Up 1.3 points, from 4.0 in 2006 to 5.30 in 2007. 


Facilities Management 

(recommended for return to local control) Up 1.28 points, 5.8 in 2006 to 7.08 in 2007. 


The complete FCMAT report is posted on both the OUSD and FCMAT websites.