Zoning Board Hears Complaints About Alta Bates Parking Violations

By Riya Bhattacharjee
Tuesday December 11, 2007

Neighbors of the Alta Bates Medical Center at 2450 Ashby Ave. are planning to complain about the hospital staff’s parking violations at the Zoning Adjustments Board meeting Thursday. 

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the Old City Hall, 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. 

The board—which will adjourn for winter break after the meeting—will hear public comments and discuss violations by Alta Bates employees for exceeding the regulations for neighborhood parking specified in their use permit. 

Zoning staff has recommended that the board continue the issue until April to give staff and Alta Bates administration a time to review results of their annual traffic survey to be conducted in January. 

According to the staff report, Alta Bates has implemented new parking policies which might result in compliance with the use permit. 

Neighbors denounced what they said was an effort by the hospital to influence the results of the parking and traffic survey by lowering the number of employees parking in the neighborhood on the days of the survey. 

If too many employees park in the neighborhood, the hospital is required to take additional measures, such as moving some facilities and employees to other locations. 


1923 Ninth St. 

Justin Lee of San Francisco will ask the board for a use permit to demolish two residential buildings at 1923 Ninth St. to make way for two three-story buildings housing 15 condominium units. Although zoning staff recommends approving the project, neighbors have expressed concern about the size and potential impacts of the project. 


2516 Ellsworth St. 

William Coburn Architects of Oakland had asked the board for a use permit for a major expansion of an existing one-story building at 2516 Ellsworth St. to create a larger number of units for student housing. 

Neighbors said they will appeal the proposed project Thursday because they believe that it is out of scale and would increase parking and noise impacts. The building sits on the border of a higher-density and a lower-density residential zone. According to zoning staff, the proposed project is not detrimental and fits the scale of the neighborhood and 


3132 MLK Way  

James Peterson of Corporate Housing Group, Inc., will ask the board to modify the original use permit issued in 1995 for the Prince Hall Arms Senior Housing Project. 

The modified plans for the affordable housing project propose 42 residential units, a 2,492-square-foot community room and 10 parking spots within a four-story building totaling 32,262 square feet. The original approval was for 37 units, 1,200 square feet of retail and 13 parking spaces within four stories, totaling 33,921 square feet.