Public Comment

Who Benefits From the Surge?

By Kenneth Thiesen
Tuesday December 11, 2007

Ever since the Bush regime began its escalation of the war in Iraq by sending tens of thousands of more troops this year, media pundits and politicians have been debating whether the “surge” is working. In the last couple months, the administration and it apologists are claiming that the escalation has been working and that more time should be allowed to give the Bush regime the chance to prove that the “new strategy” will be successful. But the debate has been waged entirely on the wrong terms.  

The real question that needs to be asked is who benefits from a “successful surge.” 

Bush administration supporters claim that violence is down. They cherry pick the statistics and announce that Iraq is now “more secure” than some other arbitrarily picked date. Others, including many Democrats pick other statistics and argue the opposite. But neither side discusses what the real purpose of the escalation is and why it is not in the interests of the Iraqi people or the people of the world for the Bush regime to be “successful” in Iraq. 

The initial invasion of Iraq in 2003 had nothing to do with making the Iraqi people more secure, but everything to do with ensuring U.S. control of the Middle East in order for U.S. imperialism to dominate the world. So why do people think that when the Bush regime escalated the war this year that suddenly their motives have somehow changed. Despite all the rhetoric, “success” for the Bush regime still is the control of Iraq and the region in order achieve and maintain hegemony over the world. 

Bush and his henchmen are responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, the displacement of over four million, and the daily horrors for millions of others. So when we hear Bush or his generals cite some stats about fewer deaths this month, does anyone think they really care how many Iraqis were killed in the latest reporting period, how many returned to their homes, or how many now do or do not have electricity, jobs, potable water, or other daily necessities to survive. 

“Security” in Iraq is only a concern for the Bush administration to the extent that the U.S. Empire is secure. And if the Bush regime achieves security for the empire that will only make the rest of the world and its population less secure. Let us assume for the sake of argument that the escalation will achieve relative success for the Bush regime and that they are not just cooking the books. This will only allow it to launch further attacks, most likely against Iran. The most recent National Intelligent Estimate report stating that Iran is not seeking nukes at this time will not deter the administration from launching a new war. 

When the regime launched the war against Afghanistan and quickly achieved “success” by overthrowing the Taliban regime it did not rest on it laurels. It immediately began preparations for invading Iraq. Top regime people, such as Cheney, have openly declared that the war they launched is a multi-generational or lifetime war. Every “success” achieved will only mean more death and destruction for the people of the country attacked and ultimately for people throughout the world. Was Hitler satisfied when he took over Austria, then Czechoslovakia, and then country after country? Hitler’s modern- day counterparts are no different. 

The people of Iraq have no interest in seeing the “surge succeed.” And as people who reside in the belly of the beast we must do everything possible to not only expose what our rulers are doing but to bring an end to their imperialist dreams as soon as possible. Doing so will be the only real success for the people of Iraq, the people of the world and the people here at home. Failure to halt the “success” of the Bush regime will only mean more of the same and worse for generations to come. 


Kenneth J. Theisen is an organizer with the World Can’t Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!