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Quake Tip of the Week

By Larry Guillot
Friday December 14, 2007

I’m Bolted, I’m Ok? 

I’m hearing from way too many folks who have taken a peek in their crawl space, seen some bolts connecting their “mudsill” to their foundation, and are thinking “Oh, good, my foundation is bolted, I’ve got a retrofit.” 

A “bolted foundation” is NOT a retrofit. It is an essential ingredient of a retrofit, yes, but there is another ingredient (transfer ties) and very often a third (shear panels) which are also essential. If your foundation is bolted, it just means that the mudsill will probably stay put during a serious quake. The house, however, could very easily fall off the foundation. 

Be sure—have your retrofit checked.  

Make your home secure and your family safe. 


Larry Guillot is the owner of QuakePrepare, an earthquake consulting, securing and kit supply service. Contact him at 558-3299 or see www.quakeprepare.com to receive semi-monthly e-mails and safety reports.