About the House: While My Bathroom Floor Gently Rots

By Matt Cantor
Friday December 21, 2007

I look at my bath, see the fungus that’s growing -more-

Garden Variety: Happy Holidays, Everyone, And Remember to Keep The Sol in Solstice

By Ron Sullivan
Friday December 21, 2007

One of the more common plants to be handed about as décor and, say, hostess gifts is the poinsettia. It’s a Christmas cliché, and it’s been around long enough that some people have found it necessary to call it names and dismiss it. Others have bred it into some fairly weird forms: dappled, ruffled, wrinkled, ivory, pink. I myself like all but the pink, because who needs more pink? But de gustibus non est disputandum. -more-

Wild Neighbors: December: Time to Count the Kinglets

By Joe Eaton
Tuesday December 18, 2007

This weekend, against my better judgment, I will be doing a couple of Audubon Society Christmas Bird Counts, one in Marin County, the other in Solano. (The Christmas Bird Count arose as a humane alternative to the traditional Christmas Side Hunt, whose object was to shoot every bird you saw. The data compiled by this annual exercise in citizen science has become a mother lode for ornithologists studying trends in North American bird populations.) -more-