Berkeley Democratic Club Fails To Endorse Presidential Candidate

Tuesday January 22, 2008

The Berkeley Democratic Club could not agree on a presidential candidate to endorse at its meeting on Thursday night. The vote was: Obama 15, Clinton 13, Edwards, 4 No endorsement, 2. 

Members endorsed Yes on 92; Yes on 93; No on all the gaming measures. 

Sixty percent of those voting is required to make an endorsement. 

The Wellstone Democratic Club has endorsed Edwards. 

In other news, campaign consultant Phil Giarrizzo sent out a press release on Thursday announcing that former Alameda County Sheriff Charles Plummer has endorsed Dr. Phil Polakoff in the race for the Democratic nomination for the 14th Assembly District. Polakoff attended the BDC meeting but did not ask for the club’s endorsement. 

In endorsing Polakoff, Plummer said: “As a seasoned law enforcement officer, I have observed the political process in Alameda County for well over 50 years. Once in a blue moon, a quality individual shines down on us—and that person is Dr. Phil. He is a man of integrity, and he is smart as hell. How could you beat that for a good old one-two punch.”