BCA, Progressive Democrats Weigh In on Election Issues

Tuesday January 29, 2008

At its Jan. 13, 2008 meeting, Berkeley Citizens Action members considered the presidential primary candidates and the propositions and measures on the upcoming Feb. 5, 2008 ballot.  

To receive the BCA endorsement, a proposition, measure, or candidate must receive at least 60 percent of all votes cast in that ballot. No candidate received the 60 percent necessary for an endorsement, though BCA voted on candidates from the Democratic, Green and Peace and Freedom parties.  

Using the same 60 percent rule, BCA members present and voting did decide to endorse a NO vote on Propositions 91, 93, 94-97 and Measures A and B. Proposition 92 (Funding of Community Colleges) received a YES endorsement.  

The steering committee of the Progressive Democrats of the East Bay also recommended NO votes on all ballot measures except Proposition 92, which got a YES recommendation. The Berkeley Democratic Club had previously made the same choices. 

However, the Progressive Democrats of the East Bay did endorse a presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich has since withdrawn from the race, though his name cannot now be taken off the California primary ballot.