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Commentary: Dangerous Mind Virus Strikes the East Bay!

By Bob Marsh
Tuesday March 18, 2008

Daily Planet Executive Editor O’Malley and many of the readers of this newspaper have been affected with a dangerous infection of the mind recently identified as the “anti-Nader” virus. This virus was created by leaders of the Demopublican Party after the narrow victory of their candidate Al Gore in the 2000 presidential selection. When Republican Party apparatchiks and Cuban-American thugs barged into the Dade County elections office and forced a stop to a recount, when winning candidate Gore refused to call for a full recount, when tens of thousands of Floridians and New Mexicans of color were deliberately prevented from voting, when the Supreme Court unconstitutionally intervened to steal the election in a bloodless coup d’etat, these so-called “leaders” did nothing to defend the constitution or the right to vote. 

Instead of accepting the blame for their outright complicity in the coup d’etat and doing something (anything!) about it, they decided to blame someone else. Who better to blame than the most prominent and incorruptible advocate for the rights of everyday Americans, Ralph Nader. 

The “leaders” used the method first formalized by the Third Reich’s Joseph Goebbels (later carefully refined by the CIA/NSA etc) and started a black propaganda smear campaign against Nader and the Green Party: “It’s all Naders’ fault! If it hadn’t been for him, we wouldn’t have Bush or these horrible wars.” 

The virus that has infected so many Demos curiously has not affected many Repubs. There has been no outbreak of outraged Repubs demanding the crucifixion of that stupid egotist and spoiler, Ross Perot, for stealing votes away from the rightful President, George H.W. Bush. 

Perhaps Editor O’Malley and readers of this paper are too embarrassed by their own inaction and complicity in the coup d’etat? Perhaps they are too embarrassed by their total lack of action AGAIN in 2004 when that election was stolen again by the same Repub criminals, and when the Green Party, not the Demos, demanded a recount to expose the fraud? Perhaps they are embarrassed by their past mindless support of candidates who are war criminals, i.e. Clinton, Gore and Kerry? Perhaps they’ve forgotten that their candidates supported NAFTA, GATT, WTO, the 1996 give away of our precious airwaves, the 1996 Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (aka Patriot Act #0), Patriot Act #1, the destruction of unions via Gore’s “Re-inventing Government” measures, the breaking of promises to not renew the 1872 Mining Act, torture, and warrantless spying? Perhaps they’ve forgotten that their candidates oppose single payer healthcare for all, oppose real public financing of elections or any electoral reform, refuse to say when they might end our current wars, support bloated military and secret spy budgets, and support the death penalty? Perhaps they’ve forgotten that there was no “Golden Age” in 1993-1995 when the Demopublicans controlled the White House and both houses of Congress? 

If readers and Executive Editor O’Malley would awaken from their black propaganda virus-induced nightmare, they would see that it’s insane to support a Party or its candidates who oppose virtually everything most of us Berkeleyans believe in, and blame the one candidate who bravely stands for everything we think is right! 

Yes, there are important differences between Demopublican and Republicrat Parties… for example, hedge funds and stock brokerage firms give more money to Demos, whereas oil companies prefer Repubs. McCain voted to extend the Patriot Act, whereas Clinton and Obama also voted for it, oops! Repubs favored tax cuts for the rich, whereas our Demo Senator Feinstein also voted for them, oops! Repubs don’t want to impeach arch-criminal Dick Cheney, whereas the Demo Party…. oops, I keep missing those important differences that O’Malley believes are so obvious! 

In contrast, Nader understands what democracy is and why it’s important to stand up and speak out for what you believe in, no matter what. Apparently, the editor and many of the readers of this paper do not. Apparently, the editor and many readers think everyone should vote against what they believe in. Apparently, the editor and many readers think it’s just fine to denigrate those who refuse to cave in to intimidation, those who fight for our rights as citizens, those who are not dozing in a propaganda virus-induced coma. It is very, very important that each and every reader of this newspaper work to cure him/herself of the delusion that the National so-called Democratic Party stands for anything at all, or will work as a body for any real change that would improve the lives of ordinary Americans. Why support a party whose motto appears to be “We suck less!” ? 

All of us need to see that our criminal government cannot function without the active collaboration of the so-called Democratic Party. That party is responsible, and so are we if we vote for it or its candidates. 

Hope is not a strategy! If we want to live in a civilized country, we are going to have to work for it, and stop mindlessly voting for candidates who oppose everything we believe in. 


Bob Marsh is a Berkeley native who is mad as hell and is not listening to any nonsense from Democrats anymore.