Berkeley High Beat: Student Intent to Register Due May 1

By Rio Bauce
Friday April 11, 2008

SIRs are due May 1. What are SIRs, you might ask? The answer: a Student’s Intent to Register at a college. In the next several weeks, Berkeley High School (BHS) college-bound seniors will be deciding where to spend the next four years of their life.  

May 1 is the last day that you can tell a college that you will be attending their college. You also are supposed to send in a deposit for your chosen college by that date. 

“I think that I’m going to University of Oregon,” said BHS senior Calvin Young, 17. “It has a really great psychology program and a lot of people from BHS are going there. I’ve visited the campus. Sending my SIR in is going to be a breeze. I’ve already made my decision.” 

While Young knows where he wants to go, many do not and are having trouble deciding where they should register. Luckily, many colleges and universities are hosting Admitted Student Days, where kids admitted to their college can take classes, meet administrators, talk to counselors, and even spend a day overnight in the dorms, to find out if that college is right for them.  

For example, the University of California at Santa Cruz is hosting these Admitted Student Days from April 5 through April 19. Most colleges make it easy to RSVP for these events on their website. 

“It’s really exciting,” said senior Keenan Nelson-Barer, 17. “I’ve narrowed down my choices to UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis. I am probably going to visit there the next two weekends. It’s going to be a tough choice but both are great schools.” 

Ilene Abrams, college advisor at Berkeley High School, remarks to students that this time of the year, while most stressful, can also be very exciting. 

This part of the year can also be very confusing for seniors. Typically it’s the prime time for “senioritis,” when many students slack off on their schoolwork, since they have already been accepted into their school of choice. When senioritis occurs, grades drop and attendance usually does too. However, every year colleges are rescinding offers of admission because of significant drops in academic performance, in addition to disciplinary action. Students should contact schools to check their policy regarding rescinding of admissions. 

So, parents, make sure your kids don’t fall into the trap of senioritis, and help guide them so that they make a good decision come May 1. If you have any questions about the college admissions process for your student at Berkeley High School, contact Ilene Abrams at 644-6804 or Angela Price at 644-4576.