Code Pink Organizer Accused of Police Officer Battery

By Judith Scherr
Thursday May 29, 2008 - 09:21:00 PM

Zanne Joi, organizer for Code Pink, was arrested this afternoon (Thursday) on charges of trespassing, battery on an officer and resisting arrest at the downtown Marine Recruiting Center. 

She’s been arrested there before, but that was in the course of committing civil disobedience—blocking the doorway or entering the recruiting office. 

Speaking to the Planet at around 4 p.m., just after her release from jail on her own recognizance, Joi said she was arrested while helping a friend get her toddler son out of a stroller. 

As Joi tells it, she was on the sidewalk in front of 64 Shattuck Square a little past noon. Fellow Code Pinker Judy Christopher was taking her 13-month old son out of his stroller and Zanne was assisting in getting the straps untangled from around his belly.  

“Then I hear a voice behind me,” Joi said. “Miss Joi, I want to talk to you. Then I get grabbed.” 

Joi said at that point she was facing Officer Melissa Kelly and yelling at her, “Get your hands off me—don’t touch me.” 

A number of officers then appeared—around six. 

Joi was handcuffed and told she was under arrest for spitting at an officer.  

Joi told the Planet she was angry and yelling—but not spitting. 

Joi’s story was confirmed to the Planet by Christopher and Amy Beaton, the third protester in front of the MRS.  

Police Spokesperson Andrew Frankel did not return calls for comment. 

“These are trumped up charges,” Joi said. Her court date is June 30.