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The Transition from Clinton to Obama

By Jack Bragen
Thursday June 26, 2008 - 09:40:00 AM

I supported Hillary Clinton in part from the same instinct that makes some people follow the Royal Family. The Clintons are for many people too likeable not to support. I feel this way despite the fact that Bill Clinton went overboard with his temper, and despite the fact that Hillary started out the campaign a little “canned.” Furthermore, I saw firsthand what Bill Clinton did for us as president, and his accomplishments were wonderful, especially in comparison to the Republicans, some of whom don’t seem quite human.  

Since I am a loyal Clinton fan, I was sad to see Hillary lose.  

But it’s excellent that Obama got the nomination. It shows a lot of development that the American people voted in a colorblind fashion for the person who made the best presentation in his campaign, and the person evidently most qualified to be our leader.  

I think in his campaign he has displayed great character that will make him a great president. He has shown much more endurance, consistency, and mildness in his campaign than I have seen in a candidate. These are qualities that aren’t glamorous, but that make a great administrator. He behaves in a level-headed and grounded manner. He seems ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work, once elected. When the campaign is over, he won’t collapse from exhaustion or have mental health problems from the accumulated stress.  

Of course, my impressions are subjective. Another subjective impression, also backed up by observation is that McCain is out of touch with reality. It is the same subjectivity that leads me to despise Mitt Romney as a plasticized person more suited to used car sales, akin to the suitability of our current president.  

When Clinton finally lost the nomination, she at first failed to acknowledge the reality of that loss. This behavior made it easier for me to switch my support from Clinton to Obama. Clinton’s delay in acknowledging the loss seemed problematic. She wanted badly to be president, but wanting it doesn’t make it so. It is a similar denial of obvious and plain reality that makes McCain think we’re somehow successful in Iraq.  

I don’t know exactly what will happen if Obama is elected. I do know what will happen if McCain becomes president: We will be stuck defending the country from enemies that McCain imagines and hallucinates. We will have no economic plan. The country will spiral down hill rapidly, and we will see the end of American supremacy, a trend Bush initiated and which doesn’t seem to bother him as long as his pockets are lined with oil money.  

I understand that many are unhappy Clinton lost, and feel gypped. But voting for the Republican as a result would be a big mistake. McCain doesn’t have a semblance of common sense, nor does he have the physical or mental condition to make him presidential material. His policies according to his statements show a lack of understanding of how to make things work. Despite the fact that McCain is a nice man and wants to serve the country, it would be misguided to elect him president.  


Jack Bragen is a Martinez resident.