Bates, Crowder, Alberti, Welford File for Offices

By Judith Scherr
Tuesday July 15, 2008 - 05:10:00 PM

With the official opening of the candidate filing period Monday, four new candidates have declared their interest in running for Berkeley offices. 

Mayor Tom Bates took out nomination papers Monday and formally announced his bid for a third term in office. (The first term was for four years and was followed by a two-year term, designed to place the mayoral election on the ballot with the presidential election.) 

“I am pleased to announce that I am running for re-election as Berkeley’s Mayor,” Bates said in a written statement and read, according to his staff, at a press conference on the steps of the civic center building. “In the last few years, working with the people of Berkeley, we have accomplished a great deal. We are recognized as one of the most sustainable and green cities in the country, we have built affordable housing, protected our neighborhoods, enhanced the arts, provided new jobs and safe places for our youth to gather while balancing our budget and receiving the highest bond rating for a city our size.”  

(In a phone interview, Bates told the Planet he was unable to delay the press conference out of respect for the death the previous day of Councilmember Dona Spring because he had already announced the event to supporters and the media.) 

Former mayor Shirley Dean, defeated by Bates in 2002, will challenge Bates for the post, as will former mayoral candidate Zachary Running Wolf. Both have taken out signature-in-lieu papers so that they can collect 150 voters’ signatures in lieu of paying a $150 filing fee. (Bates took out signature-in-lieu papers on Monday and returned them the same day.) 


City Council 

Jon Crowder, who ran for the District 2 seat in 2000 and for mayor in 1998, has taken out signature-in-lieu papers to run against incumbent Darryl Moore for the District 2 seat.  

No challengers have come forward for the District 3 seat where Max Anderson is the incumbent and has taken out signature-in-lieu papers, nor is there a challenger for the District 5 seat, where Laurie Capitelli is the incumbent and has taken out papers.  

Susan Wengraf, running for the District 6 seat being vacated by retiring Councilmember Betty Olds, whose aide she is, has returned her signature-in-lieu documents and has taken out nomination papers for the office. 


Rent Board 

Jane Welford, active in library, open government and peace issues, has joined the increasingly crowded race for Rent Stabilization Board, as has Judy Ann Alberti, a union activist and former Rent Stabilization Board member. 

Other rent board candidates include incumbents Jesse Arreguin, Eleanor Walden and Jack Harrison. Nicole Drake, Judy Shelton and Robert Evans are also running for the five seats available on the board. All rent board candidates have taken out signature-in-lieu papers. 


School Board 

School Board president John Selawsky and Beatriz Leyva-Cutler have taken out papers to run for the two school board seats. 

Nomination papers for all offices must be returned to the clerk by Aug. 8.