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Football Coach Tops UC Payscale at $2.8 Million

By Rio Bauce Special to the Planet
Thursday August 07, 2008 - 11:13:00 AM

The University of California released its annual employee compensation report last week, reporting both the base pay and gross pay, as well as overtime pay, of its 170,000 employees. UC Berkeley has 21,836 employees. 

Robert Birgeneau, UC Berkeley chancellor, is not the high earner at UC Berkeley, making $430,000 last year. He is, however, the highest paid chancellor in the UC system. The second highest paid chancellor is Michel Drake of UC Irvine, making $387,000 last year.  

Garnering top honors in the earnings division was UC Berkeley head football coach Jeff Tedford, who made $2,831,653.50 in the past year. Other head coaches at UC Berkeley made salaries ranging from $39,000, the salary of UC Berkeley men’s head swim coach Mike Bottom, to $998,000, the salary of UC Berkeley head basketball coach Ben Braun, who was fired by the university in March due to an unsuccessful basketball season.  

Victoria Harrison, UC Berkeley chief of police, who was re-hired in July after getting a $2.1 million severance package and a promise of $552,000 over 10 years following her previous retirement, received $192,048.88 in calendar year 2007.  

Annette Spicuzza, chief of police at UC Davis, received only $$134,463 last year. The highest paid police chief in the UC system is Pamela Roskowski, UC San Francisco, who made $177,750 last year.  

Daniel Mogulof, UC Berkeley spokes-person, famous for delivering sound bites about the tree-sitters, earned $155,861.55 in the past year. Controversial UC Berkeley law school professor John Choon Yoo earned a little over $202,692.19 last year.  

“The largest source of our income is from the state,” said University of California Office of the President spokesperson Paul Schwartz, who earned a little over $104,000 last year. “Other sources of money are federal grants and contracts, student tuition fees, medical center fees, and private donations. The compensation money comes from a wide variety of sources.” 

While typically, the employee compensation report is released in the fall, this year’s report was released in the summer. Schwartz maintains that future years’ reports will be released in the spring, around March, for efficiency. 

“We are moving from fiscal-year data to calendar-year data to align with end-year tax reports and the senior positions compensation report,” remarked Schwartz. “We will be doing this also in the future.”