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Richmond Meeting Addresses Toxic Cleanup Health Concerns

By Richard Brenneman
Thursday August 14, 2008 - 09:19:00 AM

Contra Costa County Public Health Director Wendel Brunner and three state officials will present a draft public health assessment of Richmond’s Campus Bay site during a public meeting Thursday night. 

Brunner and Dr. Rick Kreutzer, chief of Environmental Health Investigations Branch of the California Department of Health Services (DHS) and DHS chemist Dr. Marilyn Underwood will make their presentation to the community group advising the state on toxic sites cleanup in southeast Richmond.  

Campus Bay is the site planned for private development atop a buried mountain of spoils from a century of chemical manufacturing that took place on the site. 

The Community Advisory group advising the state Department of Toxic Substances Control—which is overseeing cleanup operations at the site—will meet starting at 6:30 p.m. in city council chambers at the temporary city hall, 1401 Marina Way South. 

CAG and community members urged the state to look into the adverse health impacts that may have arisen during the plant’s operation and the subsequent and controversial cleanup under the aegis the Regional Water Quality Control Board.