Only One Major Fund-Raiser In Three City Council Races

By Richard Brenneman
Thursday October 23, 2008 - 09:52:00 AM

Incumbents in two Berkeley council races didn’t raise a dime by the end of the Sept. 30 reporting period and only one candidate filed in opposition, leaving District Three’s Max Anderson without a foe.  

In District Two, one challenger did file against Darryl Moore, property manager Jon Crowder, but he reported no campaign contributions up to the end of the filing period. 

That left the only remaining financially contested contest in District Six, where retiring councilmember Betty Olds has endorsed her aide, planning commissioner Susan Wengraf. 

Opposing Wengraf is Phoebe Anne Sorgen, a teacher and community activist endorsed by Councilmembers Anderson and Kriss Worthington. Wengraf has won the endorsements of the rest of the council. 

With $21,095 in reported contributions, Wengraf has outraised Sorgen by nearly 11 to 1. While Sorgen lists a total of $12,300 received during the reporting, the lion’s share—$10,350—came in the form of a loan from the candidate’s own pockets. 

None of the $1,950 remainder came from development interests, while Wengraf received substantial funding from that sector. 

Among her contributors were  

• UC Berkeley facilities mitigation manager Tom Klatt, $100; 

• Planning commissioner and attorney Harry Pollack, $100; 

• Development consultant David Shiver of Bay Area Economics, $150; 

• UC Berkeley law professor and developer Bill Falik, $250; 

• Millstein & Associates real estate broken Gene Millstein, $100; 

• Grubb Co. real estate broker Susie Schevill, $100; 

• Julie Nachtway, Pacific Union Realty. $50; 

• Caleb Dardick, a consultant who often represents developments, $150; 

• Kate Funk, economist with Keyser Marston Associates, which is involved in development projects, $100; 

• UC Berkeley planning professor Fred Collignon, $100; 

• Real estate executive Richard Dishnica of the Dishnica Co., $250; 

• Land use attorney John Gutierrez, $250; 

• Architect Jeffrey Horowitz, $250; 

• Architect Christopher Adams, $50; 

• Real estate law specialist Frederic Harvey, $250; 

• Realtor Barbara Hendrickson, $250; 

• Planning commission chair and retired architect James Samuels, $50; 

• Realtor and developer Donald Yost, $100; 

• Property owner and rent control foe Robert Cabrera, $250; 

• Interior designer Nina Radisch, $100; 

• Berkeley Chamber of Commerce CEO Ted Garrett, $50; 

• Urban economist Marian Wolfe, employed by planning firm Vernazza Wolfe Associates, $50; 

• Real estate broker/developer Michael Korman, Korman & Ng, $250; 

• Contractor Alan Block, $50; 

• California Environmental Quality Act law specialist Fran Layton, $100. 

The total of $3,750 represents 21 percent of Wengraf’s total contributions.