Election Section

In Their Pace ... In The Closet

By Garrett Murphy
Tuesday December 23, 2008 - 10:17:00 AM

The majority in times past 

Would’ve been proud to say 

That they knew how to keep them 

“in their place.” 


Now the majority of once-thems 

Seem a little too proud to say 

That they wish to keep another set of them 

In a “different” kind of place--- 


(only in this case 

they call it 

“the closet.”) 


But is that not 




Maybe it’s not 


The same… 


But it’s still 

Being expected to live a lie 

(er, life) 

of second-class content with the quo 

to appease the delicate sensibilities and “traditions” 

of “normal” folk. 



As Emmett and Matthew might have warned all today, 

It’s a painful, 

Potentially tragic oppression 




…the same.