Election Section

Election Haiku Diary

By Judy Wells
Tuesday December 23, 2008 - 10:42:00 AM

Feb. 1 

Bright sun after storm. 

Next one—Tuesday. Barack or 

Hillary Clinton? 


Feb. 5 

Stevie Wonder loves 

me. Wants me to vote Barack. 

I vote Hillary! 


June 6 

I miss Hillary 

in the news. Her bright smile cheered 

me, inspired courage. 


July 1 

President campaign 

moves from woman candidate 

to looking at wife. 


Aug. 25 

Hillary, golden 

in orange pantsuit, outshines 

all at DNC. 


Sept. 3 

I fought for women’s 

cause but am appalled by right- 

wing Sarah Palin. 


Nov. 4 

First Black President— 

Barack Obama. I weep 

tears of joy, disbelief. 


Nov. 5 

Pumpkin grinning with 

OBAMA spelled in its smile— 

Hold your head up high! 


Nov. 23 

Hillary Clinton— 

New Secretary of State. 

Does she take dictation? 


Nov. 26 

Obama wants us 

to be hopeful. Curmudgeons, 

your time is over!