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Three Poems

By (s.b.r) Soul-1990
Tuesday December 23, 2008 - 10:48:00 AM


For those who question the mechanics of our tactics, 

that is not for them understand, only to open their eyes, 

and if our actions are cause for debate, 

we’ve already been successful.... 

—(s.b.r) Soul-1990 


Two Souls Touching 

Two souls touching are like drops of rain slowly sliding down a window pane, 

they suddenly meet side by side inching their way down for the ending ride, 

some hit rough edges but must go on , both soul’s knowing they must remain strong, 

when soon the end is near and they’ll each hit the bottom and both disappear.... 

—( s.b.r) Soul-1998 


Life’s Special Bond 

Hearing the waves flowing in and out reminds me of turning all about, 

in a time long ago before you were born, floating around and being formed; 

because of a connection made very neat which brought together two heart beats, 

when you and your mother were one, being slowly and rythmatically unspun....  


—(s.b.r) Soul-1983