Wine Tasting Class

By Ray Saturno
Tuesday December 23, 2008 - 10:50:00 AM

Here are the results of a recent wine tasting class held at the El Cerrito Recreation Department. This was a “blind tasting” of four California Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons. Each member of the class had a score card with four categories; color, odor, taste and after taste. Each category had maximum of two points. With this system, a top score would be eight points. The class was led by Ray Saturno who has worked in the wine industry for 10 years and has been teaching wine tasting classes for 30 years. 

At this particular session, there were fourteen student judges. 

In first place. Clos Du Val 2005 at $26. At first taste, this wine faded fast on the palate. However, after sitting in the glass for 45 minutes, it began to open up and blossom into a delicious wine. 

In second place, Whitehall Lane 2005 $30. Odor of black cherry, mouth filling and lingering on the palate. 

Third place, Beaulieu Vineyards 2005 $14. Good flavor, easy to drink and a great value. I’ve seen this wine priced at $24.00 at other stores.  

Fourth place, White Oak 2004 $24. Full flavor with mouth filling taste and strong after taste. (This was my favorite, but the class as a whole gave this the least amount of points.) 

The best value of these four wines was the Beaulieu Vineyards 2005 at $14.  

Since all of these wines are high alcohol content, it is advised to decant them several hours before serving. 

For more information on future wine tasting classes, contact the El Cerrito Recreation Department at 559-7000.