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By Cherrie Williams
Tuesday December 23, 2008 - 10:51:00 AM
Winter Frost, 2003
By Cherrie Willams
Winter Frost, 2003

From the tree watch, listen! 

Admiring the trees; bumble bees 

The smell of the fresh breeze 

You! Tell a Story! That say, “Have a good-day!” 

Where green grass grows! Common 

Folk, waving hands; tell an old 

Story, “Have a good-day!” 

How the land was harvested; the 

Richness of soil brought forth food 

From the warth all the 

Year’s work listen. You, tell a story: 

People say, Hello, how are you  

Today?” the a reply; “How are you today?” 

Have a goo-day 

Have a good-day ... listen 

How the earth listens