Dispatches From The Edge: Voices On Gaza

By Conn Hallinan
Saturday January 10, 2009 - 09:39:00 PM

Words have power, particularly when they confront each other. These are some words on the current crisis in Gaza: -more-

The Public Eye: 10 Progressive Policies Whose Time Has Come

By Bob Burnett
Wednesday January 07, 2009 - 06:29:00 PM

Among the Obama Administration's highest priorities should be these ten progressive notions: -more-

Speculation Continues—What Is Dellums Trying to Do?

By J. Douglas Allen-Taylor
Wednesday January 07, 2009 - 06:29:00 PM

Sometime in the 1920s, the ruling Communist Party of Russia produced a silent-era film purporting to show how they won the Revolution. -more-

Green Neighbors: Oh, Those Succulents!

By Ron Sullivan
Wednesday January 07, 2009 - 06:30:00 PM
A succulent spreads thick leaves to catch sun amd minimize water loss at the Paul Leondis nursery in Berkeley.

Succulents—plants that store water in fat, fleshy stems and/or leaves—attract a coterie of fans who have in common little else, but usually can be relied upon to be just a little weird. Of course I count myself among them. -more-

Dispatches From The Edge: Guns, Butter and Obama

By Conn Hallinan
Wednesday January 07, 2009 - 06:28:00 PM

Over the next several months there will be a battle for hearts and minds, but not in Iraq or Afghanistan. The war will be here at home, waged mostly in the halls of Congress, where grim lobbyists for the 13th largest economy in the world are digging in to preserve their stake in the massive U.S. military budget. With the country in deep recession and resources dwindling for the new administration’s programs on health care, education and the environment, the outcome of this battle may well end up defining the next four years. -more-

East Bay: Then and Now—Thornburg’s Storybook Village Succeeded Kellogg’s Farm

By Daniella Thompson
Wednesday January 07, 2009 - 06:35:00 PM
Thornburg Village, popularly called Normandy Village, was built by Jack Thornburg and designed by William Raymond Yelland.

On May 8, 1927, the Development page of the Oakland Tribune devoted its leading column and central photograph to what it called “a unique apartment structure.” -more-

About the House: Talkin’ Jack

By Matt Cantor
Wednesday January 07, 2009 - 06:34:00 PM

Every few days I pass a house perched ten or fifteen feet up in the air, waiting for a new set of roots to climb up and bolster its weight. -more-