March 23 Special Meeting Begins Housing Plan Update

By Richard Brenneman
Wednesday March 11, 2009 - 07:21:00 PM

Berkeley’s Planning Department will begin its mandatory update of the city plan’s housing element on Monday, Mar. 23. 

The session begins at 7 p.m. in the North Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst Ave. 

The city is obligated to update the section of the plan that addresses housing needs both for existing residents and those who projections show may be likely to settle here. 

The document is critical in setting patterns of possible growth. 

The Mar. 23 session opens with a half-hour presentation by city planning staff on the legal requirements for the housing section and the update process. 

The next hour will feature a public discussion, followed by a closing 30 minutes focusing on population and housing trends and a look at the existing element and city policies and programs designed to fulfill its goals and obligations.