Dispatches From the Edge: Torture Tangle; Thai T-Shirts

By Conn Hallinan
Thursday May 07, 2009 - 06:21:00 PM

Tangled webs -more-

UnderCurrents: Demise of G.O.P. Is Not Necessarily a Good Thing

By J. Douglas Allen-Taylor
Thursday May 07, 2009 - 06:21:00 PM

In the wake of the defection of Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter from the Republican Party to the Democrats, along with what most people are predicting is the ultimate seating of Al Franken as the U.S. senator from Minnesota, combined with the high polling numbers of President Barack Obama and the low national polling numbers of Republicans, national Democrats are feeling exceptionally giddy these days. -more-

Wild Neighbors: Eagle Family Values: The Cain and Able Syndrome

By Joe Eaton
Thursday May 07, 2009 - 06:05:00 PM
Golden eagle egg and chick: beware Big Brother (or Sister.)

We’ve been spending a lot of time with the peregrines lately, thanks to the folks at the Santa Cruz Predatory Research Group who operate the nest camera. This year the downtown San Francisco peregrines have chosen to nest on the PG&E building instead of the underpinnings of the Bay Bridge. Three of the four eggs hatched a couple of weeks ago, and Dapper Dan and Diamond Lil are busy feeding a trio of increasingly large and voracious chicks. -more-

About the House: Remodeling Your Only Bathroom

By Matt Cantor
Thursday May 07, 2009 - 06:06:00 PM

Risk aversion varies from person to person. Some are comfortable on motorcycles while others prefer to walk. Some skydive or walk tightropes between buildings and still others, inexplicably, choose to remodel the only bath in their house. -more-